secrets behind the world’s largest fire inspection companies

The secrets behind the world’s largest fire inspection companies

Often we hear about the success of the world’s largest companies, especially the companies in our industry, some are even direct competitors. The question is, how did these companies scale beyond the norm. What secrets lie behind their success, and is it possible for any company to achieve?

Good news, it is possible! The efforts are fairly simple, but you would be amazed at how many companies don’t apply them. In this article we expose a few growth secrets the world’s largest inspection companies may not want you to know.

Effectively manage field team operations

An inspection manager typically manages inspection field teams, which are located at different locations. It can be a very tedious job to keep control over distant team members and their daily, even hourly, field tasks.

The greatest managers don’t “work harder” they work smarter. Yes, we hear that all the time, but how is that done in the inspection world? First secret: rather than working more hours or employ more people, they automate field team management (and other tasks) with fire inspection software. This saves the team hours and equips management with convenient management tools and automation, gaining them extra time to focus on more important things–like growth.

The ability to manage customer growth

In almost every individual’s mind, growth is the definition of success. It is obvious that these large inspection companies have developed a consistent climb of customer growth. But, don’t think that this accomplishment didn’t come with a cost. High rates of customer acquirement can be negative if your company and team aren’t properly prepared. Below are a few ways to manage customer growth:

  1. Collect, manage & store customer information digitally. Having a way to quickly access and reference your customers in one central place will help you better organize, retain and grow your customer base. Again, this is one of those tedious tasks that consume unnecessary time and distraction.
  2. Connect the gap between your team & customers. The customer management experience for both employees and customers have a massive impact on the companies performance as a whole. Giving your team the convenience to quickly access, perform tasks, and manage customer information in real-time is highly beneficial, especially for the technicians in the field interacting with customers.
  3. Insure job & task completion. Making sure customers are happy and 100% satisfied is the number one goal. It’s important that your company has effective organization of tasks so that your customers’ expectations are met. Empowering your team to better manage customers and operations in the field increase the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Equipping their team with productive tools (ie. inspection scheduling software) is one of their secrets to success.

Inspection software over paper

A company must continue to evolve to stay innovative and competitive. Today companies are expected to have the tools necessary to manage their company effectively. Customers actually prefer to do business with inspection companies that have a digital innovative culture. The industry leaders know this, and it’s one of the secrets that put them ahead of the industry standard.

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