Best Resources for Becoming an Independent Fire Inspection Contractor

5 Best Resources for Becoming an Independent Fire Inspection Contractor

Are you thinking about becoming an independent Fire Inspection Contractor, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe, you have met the basic requirements, but want to enhance your practice and make it as profitable as possible. Below, we share with you the 5 best resources that will get you to not only become a fire inspection contractor but will help you stand out from the competition and set your business up for flaming hot success (pun intended).


First things first, let’s get you certified! Depending on your state and local jurisdiction, your certification requirements may vary. The NFPA’s official site has training manuals and online certifications available ranging from fire and life safety to electrical and water-based systems. There is also the Certified Fire Inspector certification that you can take and is crucial for anyone wanting to become an independent fire inspection contractor.

2. IncFile

Once you have all the certifications you need to perform independent inspections, it’s time to make your business official! IncFile is a great resource for filing an LLC, and any other startup services you may need. It’s an all-in-one site for all legalities you may need to take care of, and who doesn’t appreciate software that can make your life easier?

3. Patriot Software

If you are planning on having a profitable fire inspection business, you will most likely need to hire outside help. Whether it’s another fire inspection contractor or a bookkeeper, HR and accounting software is essential. While you can try to do it all by hand, a software like Patriot is a safe and easy way to keep track of all finances that go in and out of your business. This makes our list of top resources for fire inspection contractors because its easy to use and perfect for any sized company, and they are ranked as one of the more affordable accounting and HR software.

4. Joyfill

If you are getting into the fire industry, and are thinking about using paper and an old-fashioned filing system to store all inspection reports, think again! Joyfill is the #1 resource for Fire and Life safety inspections, and for good reason: their software contains every fire inspection NFPA compliant form you may need! If they don’t have the one specific to you, their PDF form-builder digitizes your old paper inspection form, allowing you to go completely paperless. Perform all inspections on their mobile app, and then store them on their cloud-based filing system. It’s easy to use and you can try it for free.

5. Leads

Prospecting leads can be an arduous task if you don’t know where to start. Networking with local businesses and distributing business cards may sound old-school, but are still a tried and true method for obtaining leads. As Fire Inspectors are usually working within their city, its important to build that rapport within your community as soon as possible. Some ways to gain credibility in your area are to create a facebook business page and invite friends and colleagues to join your page. Build a Google My Business and collect as many reviews as possible to gain credibility in your town. Even brand merch like car magnets and T-shirts with your logo and contact information can go a long way where local business is concerned.

Want to go paperless with your forms? Joyfill is a free tool to digitize forms, eliminate manual paperwork & enables you to effortlessly collect data from any mobile device. A game-changer for inspections, audits, work orders, service tickets & just about everything else. Try it free

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