Highly productive inspection teams do these 3 things everyday

Highly productive inspection teams do these 3 things everyday

So, you want to increase the productivity of your inspection team? You want a smooth process that maximizes team productivity and inspection precision so you can spend less time on manual work, fixing mistakes and extra tedious tasks, and spend more time focusing on growing your inspection company.

Sounds like the ever elusive business dream, doesn’t it? The good news is, it can be done! After analyzing many inspection teams, we’ve found these three common things successful inspection companies do everyday to keep their team highly productive and more organized:

1. Schedule out your tasks & to-dos on a team calendar

Let’s face it, we all have 100+ things to do. It is almost impossible to manage your team’s daily inspections while juggling your own daily tasks, especially if you wear multiple hats. It’s important to have one place where you can easily monitor and manage your team’s inspections and to-dos. Team calendars are highly recommended because they give you that birds eye view on what your team is doing by the hour. This is the best way to keep your team accountable for their productivity.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have an online team calendar, you can create one free with Joyfill.

2. Better communication with your team

Communication is a key factor that contributes largely on team productivity. This can be difficult for inspection teams because most of their employees spend the majority of their day mobile–in the field visiting multiple locations in a given day. So, how do these successful companies effectively communicate? The results from our analysis shows that most of these companies use real-time software and mobile apps to communicate. Real-time communication is crucial for maintaining productivity among mobile field teams, because field technicians have live communication (field updates, live comments, etc.) with their team and home office.

If you don’t have a real-time communication app, you can try it free here.

3. Set clear workflows & action steps for your team to follow

Most people in a company are focused on making things happen in their own world. Whether right or wrong, everyone has their own unique way of getting from point A to point B. This creates an unhealthy dynamic and confusion among teams. Companies that create a clear process for their team to follow encourage a predictable pattern of completion. We are all human and we forget to follow procedures. Instilling a consistent workflow gives teams action steps to follow keeping all members on track.

BONUS: Employ fire inspection software

These days, no one can deny the role digital fire inspection software plays in boosting team productivity, organization and inspection operations. Having the right inspection tool by your side can help in effective inspection management and better collaboration between team members.

For instance, Joyfill is an all-in-one solution that enables inspection teams to efficiently collect data and manage field operations. With features like client management, team calendars, and form customization, you can take your productivity game to a whole new level.

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