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The Hidden Truth Behind Paperless NFPA Forms

The new year is finally here. For inspection companies, that can mean a deep revaluation of the company process, creating goals, and finding new ways to save valuable time and money. In most cases, they will find that the leading expendable time will be on document management usage. Companies that regularly create, fill out, and store NFPA forms are spending far too much time and manpower on paper documentation that could be costing your inspection company more than you think.

This article will discuss the hidden truth behind paperless NFPA forms and how to shift your inspection company positively in the new year.

Paperless NFPA Forms Save Time and Money

Did you know that 60% of service companies still use paper documentation? A recent study by Gartner Group found that the average employee spends 12% of their day looking for paper documents when they could be out on the field performing inspections.

In this same study, they also found that about 5% of all paper forms are improperly filed, lost, and accidentally discarded daily. There are countless hours wasted searching for and recreating lost paper documents costing service companies thousands of dollars and work hours. NFPA forms must be handled and stored correctly to protect the customer and comply with state and federal mandates for fire inspectors. Losing essential documents because a business hesitates to switch to digital forms can quickly become hazardous to the company.

Switching to paperless forms can significantly reduce the frequency of losing forms and allow you and your team more time to focus on important tasks. Fire inspection software services are available that provide tools to create paperless NFPA forms and store them all in the cloud.

Switch to Paperless with Joyfill

Joyfill offers free access to their form library, with fully dynamic and customizable forms for you and your inspection team to download and use anytime. They eliminate the need to create NFPA forms from scratch, saving you and your team countless hours of paperwork, making mistakes, and ensuring form compliance.

Where paper forms can be easily lost or discarded, Joyfill’s cloud-based filing system makes storing and organizing service reports efficient and accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The process of switching to paperless NFPA forms is simple with Joyfill’s mobile app. Accessible on any device, Joyfill is an all-in-one platform for accessing, creating, and storing forms for service companies. Get started with this NFPA paperless software in just three easy steps:

  1. Click the “Try it free” button
  2. Fill out your company information
  3. Click Create New Form to activate your templates

From there, you and your team can immediately begin collaborating and switch to a completely paperless workflow.


Want to go paperless with your forms? Joyfill is a free tool to digitize forms, eliminate manual paperwork & enables you to effortlessly collect data from any mobile device. A game-changer for inspections, audits, work orders, service tickets & just about everything else. Try it free

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