Fire sprinkler inspection tags

Fire sprinkler inspection tags: what do they mean?

After each fire inspection, tags are issued to signify the current state of the fire sprinkler system. These tags are important as they let Fire Marshals know if a fire sprinkler is compliant and working properly. There are three different colored fire inspection tags, green, yellow, and red. Each colored tag represents a different level of compliance and requires different levels of action following the fire inspection. Each fire inspection tag will have a place for you to mark the type of work performed, the date of the inspection, and any comments the inspector may have on that particular system.

Green inspection tags

Green tags are placed on a fire system after the installation of a system or after the inspection and everything is operational. The green fire inspection tag also indicates the type of work performed like a new installation, inspection, and service. If everything meets NFPA standards, no further action is needed.

Yellow inspection tags

If after doing an inspection everything is operational and working, but with some deficiencies, then you will need to place a yellow inspection tag on that system. If you need to place a yellow inspection tag on a system, note that you will also be required to write a letter of non-compliant conditions to the authorized representative of the facility within five days of the inspection so that they may take appropriate action to correct the deficiencies. It is then the owner’s responsibility to rectify any deficiencies noted in the letter and on the yellow inspection tag.

Red inspection tags

When performing an inspection, should any system be inoperable and or not meet NFPA standards of compliance, then a red inspection tag must be issued and placed on those systems. Some reasons why a system may be inoperable:

  • Water to the system is off
  • Pipes are frozen
  • Low water pressure to the system
  • No Fire Department connection
  • Sprinkler head obstruction
  • Sprinklers not covering enough areas

If a red tag is needed during a fire inspection, a letter of emergency to rectify deficiencies will need to be sent to the authorized representative of the facility within twenty-four hours of the inspection. Once the issues are resolved, any yellow or red tags may be replaced with green tags, noting their compliance with NFPA standards.

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