Top 8 Facility Maintenance Form Templates

Top 8 Facility Maintenance Form Templates

Maintenance is important in keeping a building running smoothly. It can prevent potential hazards, injuries, and accidents and should be performed regularly.

Keeping up with building and office maintenance is a lot of work, and many aspects must be regularly inspected and checked off routinely. Facility maintenance form templates are a simple way to track and document areas of a building that require regular inspections.

8 Facility Maintenance Form Templates

  1. Fire Drill Evaluation Form
  2. Lift Inspection Log Form
  3. Monthly Door Inspection Form
  4. Water Temperature Log Form
  5. Facility Temperature Log Form
  6. Emergency Generator Weekly Inspection Form
  7. Receptacle Test Form
  8. NFPA 99 Electrical/Gas Equipment Risk Assessment Form
  9. What Does A Facility Maintenance Form Consist Of?

    Depending on the type of inspection, different facility maintenance forms can be performed:

    • Corrective maintenance
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Periodic maintenance

    Each facility maintenance form contains checklists relative to easily track the status of equipment and answering essential questions for the building owner, such as:

    • What is the condition of the facility and its equipment?
    • Are there any deficiencies?
    • What next-step actions need to be performed?

    Facility Maintenance requires constant tracking and management that regular spreadsheets and handmade forms cannot accurately check such as:

    • Scheduling upcoming maintenance activities and inspections
    • Track workloads and technician status
    • Managing multiple contracts and customers
    • Generate recurring facility maintenance reports

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