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Saved over $16k and 65 hours per inspector per year

Saving over $16,000 per year

Saved 3,900 minutes per inspector per year


Tilley Fire offers fire and life safety services including design, repairs, installations, and inspections. They serve PA, and have been in business since 1973.

Industry: Fire Safety & Security


Our company as a whole wanted to find a solution to going completely digital. We wanted to not only eliminate paper waste but also limit the time our workers spent in the office filling out reports. We knew it would save money from every corner of the company, but at the time, we had no solution.


Our workers have been able to work outside of the office more, this was especially helpful. There are fewer trips to the office to fill out, retrieve and deliver reports. As reports come in, I can review reports immediately instead of waiting for paper reports to pile up in a bin on my desk.

Our inspectors don’t have to come in the office to pick up or fill out reports. Now they can be dispatched from their house because everything is online, on their mobile devices. Rather than having to write out a report, our guys can fill out reports on their mobile devices as they go during inspections. Deficiencies are tagged immediately, streamlining inspection time, and makes us more competitive with other companies in our industry.


“We are saving 3,900 minutes per tech per year.” (Yes, we did the math).

“Our inspectors are saving 65 hours per year compared to our prior process.”

“Over $16,000 a year saved in employee cost by switching to Joyfill”

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