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Saved over 30 minutes per inspection & 40% on software costs

40% more cost-effective than prior software provider

Saves over 30 minutes per inspection job


Stanley Security provides a wide range of security systems and services including installations, inspections, fire detection, etc, with multiple locations across the US.

Industry: Fire Safety & Security


There wasn’t a company that did all that we needed. We needed custom forms built for our industry, and most companies either did not offer custom form building, or their charges were exorbitant. We’re talking over $1500 just to build forms, not to mention their monthly fees to use their software which was double the cost of Joyfill per month per user. Costs were adding up quickly and it did not make financial sense to us to integrate to paperless forms.

Another challenge facing us was the time spent on inspections. Searching for customer files and filling out the reports took too much time away from our technicians doing paperwork when they could be out on the field performing more inspections.


The mobile app has a quick search and filtering feature where we can search for each document straight from our phones, which my technicians and I love, which our prior provider did not offer.

We were especially surprised to learn that there was zero cost to building custom forms or other support fees. Overall, our costs went down, we’ve been able to increase the number of inspections, and we spend less time at the office doing paperwork.


“Joyfill is 40% more cost-effective than our prior software provider.”

“The Joyfill app saves me and my team 30 minutes per inspection.”

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