Saving $100 per inspection & $12K on team labor costs

$100 saved per inspection

Reduced $12K per year on labor costs


CW Security Service provides services in system design, installation, inspections and monitoring. Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. CW Security Service’s experience spans the industry-wide spectrum from protecting families and residential properties to integrating multi-application systems for use in commercial facilities.

Industry: Fire Safety & Security


Record keeping was by far our largest problem. It was tedious searching for old records, updating new records, and keeping records organized.

We were taking old paper reports with us to the field to update with new inspections, then take the time to go back to the office to complete reports, and file them away.

“Wasting 4-5 hours in labor, plus the time of the technician per inspection, was costing us more money every day that we continued using this outdated form of record keeping.”


Joyfill has enabled me to track and manage reports all in one platform. Digitizing our reports has made all the difference for us. The search feature makes it simpler to search for deficiencies and specific reports. We don’t have to worry about misplacing reports anymore, which is a major improvement to our old way of doing things that resulted in time wasted.

“The cost of Joyfill has more than paid for what we were spending on data entry and labor cost.” We can now have our techs focus less on filling out paperwork and more on working in the field and more on performing revenue generating tasks.


“We save around $100 per inspection.”

“We are saving over $12K per year on employee labor costs.”

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