20% more revenue & service jobs completed per week

20% more jobs completed per week

Won back 1 day per week per technician

Revenue increased 20% per week


Freedom Fire Pro was formed in the fall of 2005, serving Arkansas and surrounding areas. They provide excellent service in fire sprinkler design, installation, service and inspections.

Industry: Fire Safety & Service


Being a smaller office, we didn’t have the full-time support that can understand software for what we need, and that was up to date with compliant fire inspection forms. Solutions that were out there in the past were never cost-effective, and as a startup company, we didn’t have the means to invest in a high-quality tool. The prior options available to us did not have what we needed, or the customer service was lacking. We were always at the mercy of a service that could take days to respond to us, or not respond at all. We did not have the support we needed. Furthermore, it was hard to find a well-supported solution with robust features…for example, a customizable form builder.


The way that we were able to build our database, grow, and support our workers on the field has been the biggest tangible difference we’ve seen since using Joyfill as our inspection software provider. Our inspectors are now on the field 5 days a week instead of 4 because they spend less time doing paperwork. Being a fairly new company, we really wanted to look like a reputable company compared to our competitors that were in the business longer. We now are able to be fast and efficient, and our customers notice this, specifically with the invoicing side. Joyfill allowed us to build custom forms that could fill our needs, jurisdiction, that fit our budget and had everything we were looking for.


“We complete 20% more jobs and revenue per week.”

“My inspectors won back 1 day a week as a result of time saved on paperwork.”

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