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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best software for fire extinguisher inspection service companies?

When considering fire extinguisher inspection software, you want to look for these key features:
1. Native mobile app for iOS and Android (smartphone and tablet).
2. Mobile offline support — should work without an internet connection.
3. Forms that comply with local codes and compliance standards (ie. NFPA).
4. Easy-of-use and a good user experience on both the web and mobile app.
5. Schedule and track due dates for inspections and other service jobs.
6. Cloud-based data storage (not locally saved on a hard drive).
7. Multi-user team collaboration — Multiple users working on the same form from different devices.
8. Lastly, phone and live chat customer support (not just email or ticket submitting).

What does fire extinguisher inspection software cost?

The cost of fire extinguisher inspection software can range from $0 (free) to thousands of dollars depending on your team size, features needed, integrations, data storage amount, etc,. For example, Joyfill is a free fire extinguisher inspection software option, whereas ServiceTrade starts at $395/month. Here you can find more fire extinguisher inspection software cost and pricing.

Most important, the value must exceeds the fire extinguisher inspection software cost. Most sites are transparent with their pricing and the features they office with each pricing tier to help guild buyers to choose the right software for their business. Some even provide a full demo video that give you an inside look into the software before your commit to buy.

What if I have an inspector that isn't comfortable with technology?

In the past, the term technology was known to be complex and required an endless amount of steps to implement. Not anymore! With software companies focusing on user experience (UX) and self-onboarding, the proper help resources and customer service has become the standard (hint: talk to the customer support team before deciding on the software). When choosing fire extinguisher inspection software for your business, its important that it has in-depth training materials and specific product training for each role (office staff and field technicians).

Joyfill has been rated one of the top picks for ease-of-use according to Capterra reviews. Furthermore, Joyfill is equipped with how-to tips, training videos and live support for all users.

Is this fire extinguisher inspection software compatible with smartphones and tablets?

Yes, Joyfill is compatible on both iOS and Android devices. You can download the mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play for smartphone and tablets.

It’s extremely important that the software you choose has a native mobile app (downloadable from the app stores), not solely a mobile browser interface. This is important because browsers rely on an internet connection in order to collect data, which means it does not support offline. Being able to fill out forms offline is critical, because the moment you lose internet, your browser will not be able to sync your data. Obviously, fire inspections and service jobs are not always in areas the can get internet, so the fire extinguisher inspection app must support offline scenarios.

How do I download fire extinguisher inspection software?

You can access fire extinguisher inspection software by logging in to the website your software provides, if you use cloud-based software, its usually just a URL. Cloud-based fire extinguisher inspection software makes it easy to access your forms, report history and another data resources (photos, deficiencies, comments, etc.,) from anywhere in the world using just a browser and your secure login credentials.

Joyfill is cloud-based, which means you can login to your account using any web browser. The alternative would be downloading the fire extinguisher inspection mobile app for iOS or Android.

Does this fire extinguisher inspection software have a mobile app?

Absolutely! The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Nowadays a mobile device provides the convenience to perform inspections on the go. With the rise in technology the efficiencies and benefits that technology brings to a commercial fire extinguisher inspector is astronomical. If you are still using paper inspection forms or tedious static forms (PDF, word, excel, etc.,) there is big opportunity for improvements in your business.

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