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Increased the speed of inspection reports by 100%

2X the speed of inspection reports

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Economy Fire LLC provides inspection, service, and maintenance services on NFPA 25/ water-based, suppression, and NFPA 72 fire alarm systems. Serving Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Industry: Fire Safety & Service


Without a doubt, the biggest challenge to us was using paper forms and having far too many filing cabinets. Having forms out of reach when on the field was a huge struggle for us. If there was something we needed out on the field, there was nothing we could do unless we went back to the office and searched through piles of paperwork. Similarly, our customers struggled to locate prior inspection reports. Nothing was readily available, and everything required a form of paper documentation. Communication between us and the customer was slow and lagging. When discussing Joyfill with other companies, there has been a universal illumination within the industry, especially with our client base.


Going digital has built rapport amongst our clients, and they seem to trust us more because of our transition to a paperless system. The fact that we can edit and customize all our forms has cut our process time in half. Coming from a company that has been limited to a single program, and having zero customization options, that has been huge for us as a new company. The form builder has been game-changing, and it’s extremely user-friendly. As someone that isn’t technologically savvy, and may have team members that aren’t familiar with computer software, it has been easy to learn, navigate, and teach our other field inspectors.


“With 30 years in the fire protection industry, Joyfill is easily the most user-friendly system we have encountered.”

2X the speed of reporting inspections because of the online templates.

The number of people involved from scheduling, going to the inspection, filling the report, etc., has been so high before to what it is now. What used to take countless hands in the pot, can now be completed with one person.

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