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50% increase in productivity and rated 5 stars in customer service

50% increase in team productivity

Rated 5/5 stars in customer service


Certizona Fire & Safety specializes in the service of commercial & industrial fire extinguishers, exit/emergency lighting, and fire safety equipment in Arizona and surrounding areas.

Industry: Fire Safety & Service


Tracking deficiencies and making sure that we weren’t losing money by lack of organization and no efficient way to track deficiencies. Within the office, tracking repair proposals and other reports were not easy to locate, and our administrators in the office struggled to get these organized. This resulted in time wasted, and no real way to streamline the workload because of countless files that lacked structure.


Joyfill has given us assurance that all deficiencies can be easily tracked, adding service dates, etc. It has been easy for our technicians to keep track of what orders need to be done, and because of this, we have been able to increase our revenue due to this organization and having an easy way to track and document deficiencies.

Our customers also appreciate how we track deficiencies because of the photos features. Our clients can see the issue clearly and are able to easily understand what changes need to be made. We have been made more valuable as an inspection company, and we can retain more because of the changes we’ve made since using Joyfill.

“The support staff has been incredible whether it’s training, or just needing daily support has been invaluable and has provided the best customer experience for us.”


50% more productive by using Joyfill to streamline production, and schedule services and repairs.

“If we could only rate the customer service out of 5, then we most definitely give Joyfill 5 stars.”

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