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Increased productivity by 75% for all form related tasks

75% increase in productivity

Saved an enormous amount of time on reports


Capitol Fire Protection Company Inc. provides inspection, service, and maintenance services on NFPA 25/ water-based fire systems. Serving NJ and surrounding areas.

Industry: Fire Safety & Services


Our way of filing reports was tedious. In the first year, every form was filed manually, using large filing cabinets that took up space in the office. Our forms often littered the tops of desks, and it was easy to misplace or lose documents. Apart from filing and keeping track of customer reports, we also wanted a solution to the countless forms that were previously all being printed and written by hand. There were no options to modernize our current operation that made sense to us, and the options that were available were either too difficult to learn or were too expensive for us.


We are now able to manage, online file, and organize reports by using Joyfill. We’ve been able to almost completely eliminate our current filing system. Joyfill has provided a system in which we can upload any document onto their cloud which can be mobilized, enhanced and accessed from any device.


75% increase in productivity for form-related tasks.

We have been able to spend less money on paper, and a lot less time on filling out reports.

“A year into using Joyfill, our reports take 5 minutes, which used to take at least 20 minutes.”

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