25 hours saved per week & 15% increase in team productivity

1 hour saved per inspection

Increased 15% in productivity

Saved over 25 hours per week


ACS Fire & Security provides fire and security solutions for businesses all over Central Florida and surrounding areas. They customize, install, inspection, and maintain fire and security systems on new and existing buildings.

Industry: Fire Safety & Security


The main issue we continually faced was dealing with our paper forms. Everything from where to store forms, having standardized forms, to having our guys on the field unable to access forms was a constant struggle for us. Our paper forms were doing the job, but we wanted to get out of using paper completely. Tracking deficiencies is huge for us, and there was never a way to properly track, or track efficiently.

Too much time was wasted filling out forms, correcting forms, and figuring out how to share forms between us was always difficult. Most of the time, once a form is shared, we then have to request permission and wait for access to the form. It was a constant waiting game. Which slowed down our operations as a whole.


The benefits of transferring to a paperless system are endless. Importing documents to store on the cloud is simple to use and efficient. We can seamlessly conduct inspections with little downtime thanks to the app that has forms ready to go, and tracking deficiencies are simple to capture and store as well within the report. It keeps everything in one place, meaning there is zero chance of losing documents. With bigger inspections, I can track in real-time how my guys are doing on the field and how long it takes them to fill out the reports.


“We are able to retain and service more recurring customers due to an increase in team productivity.”

“We save 1 hour for each inspection. 25 hours saved per week, which saves us time and money on man hours.”

“15% increase in productivity among our techs.”

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