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60% of Service Companies Are Still On Paper

In today’s digital age, where technology has transformed numerous aspects of our businesses, it might come as a surprise that 60% of service companies are still relying on paper forms. This reality presents an immense opportunity for software products that offer paperless solutions. This article explores the substantial value and revenue-add that can be gained by offering better paperless features and emphasizes the need for products to meet the growing demand in the service industry.

Definition: “Service companies” : A company that provides physical labor, trades, and/or services to commercial or residential entities. Some examples include: fire safety inspection companies, construction site auditors, vehicle equipment repairs, appliance services, AC services, home inspectors, just to name a few.

The Prevalence of Paper-Based Processes

Despite the advancements in technology, a staggering 60% of service companies continue to rely on traditional paper-based systems. From field service providers to maintenance companies, a wide range of industries still depend on manual record-keeping and paper forms. Reliance on paper forms not only leads to inefficiencies and errors but also hampers productivity and increases operational costs to service industry owners.

Increased Demand for Digitization

More businesses are acknowledging the power behind switching to a digital strategy in their daily process, as trends are suggested by Garter that 91% of businesses have plans to go digital, and 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a priority. This encourages the next generation’s inheritance to regulate these paperless solutions across all areas of their business.

There’s Untapped Potential In Software

All of these service companies seeking reprieve from paper forms present an enormous opportunity for software products that offer comprehensive paperless solutions. Digital companies should start to see proof of this, particularly after the 2020 pandemic. Adobe suggests that experience-led companies have 1.6 times higher customer satisfaction rates and 1.9 times higher average order value.

By software company heads and developers providing (and/or enhancing) digital form features in their own application will lead to customer growth by capturing the demand of this era’s largest paperless shift.

Meeting Customer Expectations

As service companies seek out software solutions to provide quality digital forms, it’s now imperative for software companies to be ready and equipped to fulfill this demand by offering seamless and feature-rich paperless form solutions.

Software that offers high-quality digital form and document solutions stand to gain several advantages. They can capture a substantial market share by catering to the majority of service companies still reliant on paper processes. This market penetration can lead to increased sales, customer acquisition, and revenue growth within their niche. In fact, Gartner claims that 56% of CEOs say digital improvements have increased revenue. 89% of all companies are making the shift to a digital-first business strategy or are planning to do so.

By addressing the specific pain points associated with paper-based systems, software products can take advantage of this change and add significant value to their customers’ businesses. The ability to digitize and automate forms simplifies data collection, accuracy, and reporting, resulting in improved operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. This value proposition can justify premium pricing and customer loyalty, contributing to long-term revenue generation goals.

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