The Promise of Paperless

Have you heard of or been sold the promise of a paperless world? Where is this magical land where paper is no longer required? Does such a place really exist?

Fairies, Unicorns and Paperless Companies

Why do we hear about going paperless all the time? Why are people so obsessed with it? Is there ever a solution that will entirely eliminate paper from our lives? The answer is NO, or at least not yet. Paper is an important part of any business, especially in the accounting departments. Even though there may not be a solution out there that can eliminate paper entirely from our lives there are many good solutions that get us closer to that magical land. Below is a list of current solutions that can help you eliminate paper and the crappy processes that go along with them. These will also all be cloud based solutions. Why you ask? Well, because the cloud is the future and it’s much more affordable than buying an on premise solution.

Scan123, this is a digital document solution that integrates directly with your scanner. So if anyone in your accounting department loves their scanner and the process of converting a paper document to a digital document they may like this tool. It was built as a simple document management solution for dealerships. It’s heavily used in service department to recall and manage repair/service orders but can also be used in your accounting departments.

Box, this is by far a better document management solution than Scan123. The only drawback is the person that loves their scanner isn’t going to be very happy because there is no direct scanner integration. They are like dropbox, microsoft onedrive, or google drive but built specifically for the enterprise. If you’ve been looking for a solution that can act as a filing cabinet for anything and everything, this might be the tool for you.

NvoicePay and both of these solutions eliminate physical paper checks. That’s why I grouped them together, I figured I’d save my fingers the work. They will not only cut the physical checks for you but they will also handle ACH, credit card, or any other form of payment you use to reconcile with vendors.

AvidExchange and Yooz, are both complete AP automation tools for the handling incoming invoices as well as paying the suppliers on your behalf. I believe Avidexchange is a supplier product and is more robust. If you use CDK as your DMS you may be more interested in Yooz because they have an integration. These will cut back on the amount of paper invoices and paper checks you have to deal with. Getting closer to our magical land, I can feel it!

Docspace, this eliminates the need for paper invoices and contracts. Clear out that cabinet room and make it a nap room, or whatever you want in this new magical land. Docspace automates the approval processes and management of these documents so you no longer need a pile of files sitting on your desk awaiting approval. You can review and approval documents on the go right from your phone. Worried about not having your contracts in your desk for when renewal comes around? Set those contracts on fire because Docspace watches your contracts and notifies you way before renewal! It also makes it really easy to recall invoices and contracts from any vendor no matter how long ago. It could even be the contracts or invoices from the pagers your company bought.

None of these solutions above are a one way ticket to your promise land but they will definitely get you closer to it, make you more productive and help you sleep better at night!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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