New Product Redesign

Today is an exciting day for our company and all of our amazing customers. What makes today such an exciting day you ask? Well, today is the official launch of the brand new redesign of our web, iOS, and Android apps. Now, you might be reading this and say to yourself, “Who cares about a redesign? Isn’t that essentially just making an application prettier with some cool colors and graphics?” The answer to that very reasonable question is, sorta but not entirely. Yes a redesign includes new colors and graphics but that wasn’t our main focus. We didn’t want to add all flash and no substance. Let me dive into why this redesign is important to your company and team.

Our redesign was entirely focused around a few key points:

  • Intuitive and efficient experience for back office admins
  • Intuitive and efficient experience for field techs performing service jobs and inspections

Importance of Design for Office Admins

When we were redesigning the web and mobile applications, we focused on the efficiency of your back office admins who are dealing with: scheduling and dispatching of field techs, responding and directing the techs in the field to the right customer information, processing and handling completed service jobs and inspections, and many more important tasks that they perform every single day.

If an application isn’t intuitive or designed well, this can add a lot of unnecessary runaround and frustration for your admins. This leads not only to frustrated employees but also wasted money for the company (time = money). We also know that people work more effectively when they’re aren’t frustrated with the tools they have to use. How would you feel if you had to ride a horse to all of your scheduled service jobs and inspections instead of driving your vehicle? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be a very happy individual.

We also decided to make sure the application looked beautiful with nice colors, graphics, and layouts. Life is too short to look at software all day that looks like it was built 20 years ago. If we have the ability to put a man on the moon, surely we can make an application look visually appealing for the amazing people that use our software!

There are studies that show how art (beauty) can impact an individual’s brain to invoke feeling and emotion. Check this out:
“A study by neurobiologist and University College London professor Semir Zeki found that looking at a work of art can actually have the same psychological effect as the euphoric experience of romantic love.”

Now, I know our product isn’t a work of art (or maybe it is) and no one has told us that they are having experiences of euphoric romantic love when looking at our app but no one said that they aren’t having those feelings so who knows.

Importance of Design for Mobile Field and Service Technicians

Why is this redesign important for your field techs? Simple: your field techs are your revenue generators. The more efficient and effective they can be out in the field, the more money they can generate for the company. This redesign was focused on the efficiency and productivity of your techs with all levels of technical knowledge.

Your field techs, inspectors, and service techs don’t have to be rocket scientists to use the new application. When they enter the application they will easily be able to see all of their scheduled jobs, inspections, service appointments, etc. They will also have access to the customer information, and any previously completed jobs or inspection reports right from their phones and tablets. This means they don’t have to waste time or wait around to hear back from your office admins for information they need to get the job done. They should have all the information they need to complete the job right at their fingertips. We eliminated the need for unnecessary calls back to the office, or the need for your field techs to carry around stacks of inspection forms that can get lost or damaged. They should be able to focus 100% on actually completing the service job or inspection in a timely manner and keeping your customers satisfied.

The faster your field techs can move on to the next job or inspection, the better it is for your company and the happier they are. That is why we focused on ease of use and efficiency for field techs when we redesigned the mobile field apps. Software that is confusing, glitchy, and hard to use can add more time and frustration to your field techs lives. This is the last thing that should happen. Software is supposed to improve your organization, not add unneeded stress to an already stressful job. Your techs are the lifeblood of your organization. Giving your technicians powerful and well designed tools is important for equipping them for success when they’re out in the field and keeping them happy.


This redesign was so much more than just new colors or graphics. This design was focused on leveling up your admins and technicians. You don’t have to put up with ugly or confusing software anymore. Software can be powerful, functional and well designed. In the field service and inspection industry it’s so important for applications to work and be simple to use. Field techs and admins come from all walks of life, age ranges, and technical expertise. You need something that every single one of them can understand and be effective with. We are dedicated to always challenging ourselves to consistently improve and move our software forward so we can help your company move forward as well. That is why we redesigned the software and why we will keep working everyday to make it even better in the future.

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