Let’s Automate that Low Level Stuff

Let’s start by talking about automation. Does your company have mineal, time consuming tasks that could be automated? Or maybe you are unaware of how much time and money you could be saving by automating these tasks. Let’s dive into 4 tasks that can be automated in the matter of minutes.

Financial Insights

There is an awesome tool called Axcessa, that is specifically for the auto industries that gives you instant information about your bottom line in seconds, easy to understand online reports, and actionable intelligence.

This tool was created for dealers by dealers to give you easy integrations with yous DMS and proved real-time reports and highlight trends inside of your auto group.

Now that we have insights into our financials let’s take a look at our AP process and see what areas we can automate, to save our team time and money.

Invoice and Contract Approvals

How many of you have a pile of invoices sitting on your desk or filling up your inbox that you often forget about? Getting the approval on the invoice is the first stepping block in the AP process. What if you were able to clear your desk and your inbox in seconds and approve your invoices from your phone?

Docspace is the tool that will digitize all your invoices and contracts. No more desk clutter, no more waiting on approvals and no more losing invoice

Contract Management and Renewal

Now let’s jump into contracts. Have you or your auto group been stuck in a contract because you didn’t realize it was up for renewal, or you weren’t aware of how few people were using it? This is a very common thing, so don’t feel bad. With multi-year contracts it’s difficult to remember the exact date of the renewal. Vendors aren’t going to call and ask if you want to cancel. Let’s be real, vendors are hoping it auto renews for another 3 years before you have the chance to cancel!

Docspace also has a contracts feature that notifies you before a contract is up for renewal. You’ll never have to ask or worry about contract renewals again. Don’t get stuck in contracts for tools that you aren’t using or with vendors that you are paying way too much. Try out Docspace and see how easy it is to track

AP Automation

Automate your entire AP process? There must be a catch here, is what you are thinking. AvidXchange gives you total control over your accounts payable process by eliminating paper, reduced processing costs and transparency over costs and spend.

When your accounts payable processes are paper based your accounting team has to waste time tracking down approvals, creating and cutting checks and inquiring with vendors about payment. Let’s eliminate that and have your team focus on more valuable tasks.

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